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 We are open on the Public Holidays Wednesday 27 April, Sunday 1 May and Monday 2 May

Ode to Gilroy

I’m sulking, ‘cos I want Des van Rooyen on my team

So that I can tell him what to do

And he’ll play the game the way I want

And he won’t dare to think it through.’


‘But Jake, you put him on the team

And in two days we lost the season

He’s far too short to be a goalie

And he can’t kick so what’s your reason?’


‘The Indian guys a really good player

And you’re trying to put him in detention

Is it the transformation colour scheme?

Or is that too delicate to mention?’


‘Our supporters are deserting us

We don’t know how to play this game.

We pay good money to rubbish players

To keep them fat and deaf and tame.’


‘The Economic Football Fighters

And Decent Act DA are looking fit

But you’re a megalomaniac

So you don’t give a sh*t!’


We’re one point from relegation Jake

And you still don’t know right from wrong

You’re the worst President we’ve ever had

But at least you won’t be there for too long.’


(The poem is for readers’ entertainment and not necessarily the views of the company).

Happening this Week

Beer Experience held on Saturdays at 11h30 sharp (please arrive at 11h15) – only R120 pp and includes Gilroy beer and lots of fun. Please call to book your seat. (The Gilroy ‘Beer Experience’ is for adults only and is not suitable for minors or the easily offended, as it may contain colourful language and irreverence).

To avoid disappointment please book early for weekends.  Live music 13h00-17h00.

May 2016

28 Saturday:   Nick the Tonic

29 Sunday:      Peter B

June 2016

04 Saturday:   Richard Thompson

05 Sunday:      Richard Thompson

11 Saturday:   Peter B


12 Sunday:      Peter B

29 Sunday:      Peter B


See you over the top of a glass!



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Operating Times

Christmas Season Open/Closing

Closed: Monday 28 to Thursday 31 (New Year’s Eve)
January 2016
Closed: Friday 1 (New Year’s Day)
OPEN: Saturday 2
OPEN: Sunday 3
Thereafter normal times apply.

Tooting Tuesdays:
11h00 - 18h00. .... only the Pub is open
11h00 – 22h00 (Kitchen closes 21h00)
11h00 – 22h00 (Kitchen closes 21h00)
11h00 – 23h00 (Kitchen closes 22h00)
11h30 – 23h00 (Kitchen closes 22h00)
11h00 – 18h00 (Kitchen closes 17h00)
We need a rest to stay young & lovely!

Gilroy Serious

Gilroy Serious


The premium dark ale - Gilroy Serious

A rich, strong ale for the serious drinker. The amber and dark malts yields a dark warm claret colour to Gilroy Serious. This is extremely well made and easy to drink. A rare handcrafted masterpiece from the southern hemisphere.

B J Lankwarden, SA Beer Drinkers Guide Rating: NINE

Gilroy Traditional

Gilroy Traditional


Gilroy Traditional is a Ruby Ale. 

Our classic ruby ale - a magnificent explosion of flavours on the tongue. Great rustic flavour in the traditional way. A beer to come home to. Handcrafted red ale, elegantly rustic, a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

B J Lankwarden, SA Beer Drinkers Guide Rating: EIGHT

Gilroy Favourite

Gilroy Favourite


Favourite is Gilroy's pale ale.

A superb light ale brewed with paler - golden and amber - malts, and Gilroy's own yeast.  This beer is well bodied, easy to drink - a session beer with a well-balanced finish. Underlying flavours of round summer fruits and slightly caramelised honey. 

BJ Lankwarden, SA Beer Drinkers Guide Rating: SEVEN

Gilroy Lager

Gilroy Lager


This lager is a European type Lager.

The Gilroy Lager is brewed to the Rheinheitsgebot - using Czeck Saaz and German Halletau hops and Gilroy's wonderful lager yeast, matured for 8 weeks. A well balanced, flavoursome naturally carbonated lager.

A session beer which fills the mouth with great body and a long finish.

Live Music

music live every weekend at gilroy beer garden

Live entertainment: Saturdays & Sundays.

To avoid disappointment please book for weekends.

011 796-3020 or 073 357-2897 (closed Mondays)


The Legend of the Gauntlet


Every tour of the Gilroy Brewery includes a recounting of the great and famous Legend of the Gauntlet. Every tour ends with the traditional salute!  Read about this fine tradition.

And of course the Ode to the Raised Middle Finger may be inspiring too!

Good beer....good food!

Appetite teaser. We highlight some of our favourite favourites...

Venison Carpaccio; Chorizo Toast; Irish Pub Style Potato Skins

Ploughman's Platter; Beer Batter Fish & Chips; Gammon Steak with Mash & Sauerkraut; Beef & Onion Pie; Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps; Vegetarian Wrap

Create your own nibbling basket - Chips, Ribs, Crumbed Prawns, Halloumi

Sweet endings - Apple Crumble Tart; Black Forest Gateaux, Cape Malva

Children's Menu includes Fish Fingers & Chips; Cheese Burger; Macaroni & Cheese.