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The Gilroy Serious Dark Ale

Available on draught
Draught: 500ml – R49 / 340ml – R39


A rich, strong ale for the serious drinker. The amber and roasted malts yield a dark, warm, claret hue to the Gilroy Serious. Hold your glass to the light, and in the deep colour of the Serious, warm ruby shades are revealed. With flavours of dark chocolate, liquorice, and roasted coffee, it is a beer with flavours in placed other beers don’t have placed. Brewed using only the finest kilned malted barley, the noblest hops, and a truly majestic yeast. To quote B.J. Lankwarden, “The Gilroy Serious is a rare hand-crafted masterpiece from the southern hemisphere.”

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 36

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